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CanPrev Prostate-Pro + Macca Support - 100 VCaps


CanPrev Prostate-Pro + Maca Support - 100 VCaps

$41.99 CAD

Prostate-Pro™ + Maca Support is an all natural formulation designed to reduce prostate inflammation, improve urinary flow and increase libido.

It works safely to discourage prostate inflammation, normalize urination and enhance circulation which is especially important when the prostate is swollen or congested.

Prostate-Pro™ + Maca Support is rich in antioxidants which provide support for prostate tissue health. The formula contains traditional herbs, such as stinging nettle and saw palmetto, which produce a natural diuretic effect and have been shown to help reduce difficulty in urination associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Important nutrients such as lycopene, selenium, zinc, and vitamin D are also included in the formula to provide antioxidant protection to help support prostate health.

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