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Dr. Reckeweg R55+ Plus Cream


Dr.Reckeweg R55+ Cream - 50g

$18.99 CAD

Dr.Reckeweg R55+ Cream

All-In-One Trauma Cream:

  • Has an affinity for the tendons and ligaments, to reduce stiffness and accelerate recovery
  • Reduces local inflammation and pain
  • Promotes lymphatic movement and muscle relaxation
  • Minimizes rheumatic symptoms affecting the muscles and joints

R55+ cream is a topical to assist with the healing of trauma caused by sports or accidental injuries. It helps to reduce inflammation, swelling and with the unique addition of Mag phos and Galium, it reduces tension and improves drainage, thus promoting complete tissue healing. R55+ cream supports injuries of all types; wounds, cuts, burns, sprains, and bone fractures, conditions of athletic or physical overexertion, persistent rheumatism at sites of previous injury.

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