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Naka Milk Thistle Formula 110 Caps


Naka Milk Thistle Formula 110 Caps

$25.99 CAD

We live in contaminated times! Virtually every person in an industrial nation needs to detoxify. Toxic indoor & outdoor air quality, air pollutants in the home or office can be higher then outside air pollutions. Most foods on the market contain: pesticides, dyes, wax, and other more serious contaminates. A diet void of fresh, unprocessed organic foods deprives us of many nutrients, a balanced pH and good digestion. Many cancers are believed to be encouraged by the adverse effects of environmental carcinogens, combined with deficiencies in dietary micronutrients; therefore, the proper functioning of our liver’s detoxification system is critical. Milk Thistle Capsules can help protect your liver and kidneys, lower cholesterol, assist with skin problems, promote better digestion, elimination and liver regeneration, plus work as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

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