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Naka Nutri Multi for Women 900ml


Naka Nutri Multi for Woman - 900 ml

$42.99 CAD

Naka’s Nutri MULTI for women is a high-potency LIQUID multi-vitamin formula that allows for enhanced absorption by the body, delivering nutrients more efficiently to help promote your better health. It also features 1000 IU of Vitamin D, which studies suggest could help prevent breast, colon and ovarian cancers. Take just two 15 ml tablespoons a day with your morning juice or smoothie and discover how this superior liquid supplement can benefit you.

Up to 98% bioavailable vs. 20 - 40% for tablets and capsules (as per the Physician’s Desk Reference).
Bone Health:
1000 IU of Vitamin D providing protection and a more appropriate dosage.
Cal/Mag 250 mg each 1-1 ratio elemental, from Coral & Oxide.
Boron 2 mg important in the formation of bones.
Silica 10 mg important in the absorption of calcium.
Betaine Hydrochloride - most North Americans have poor digestion.
Papain from papaya, proteolytic enzyme.
Aloe Vera healing, high in nutrients and amino acids.
Blackcurrant Oil 200 mg the most bioavailable EFA, approx. ALA 26 mg, GLA 34 mg, Omega 9 - 18 mg, Stearidonic acid 5 mg.
Cranberry 10 mg for everyday protection.
Vitamin B6 50 mg Extra hormone forming Bs for natural balance. D-Panthenol 100 mg. Vitamin B12 100 µg anti-stress.
Herbal Antioxidants: 98% absorption rate for full range protection from free radicals and early aging.

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