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St. Francis Deep Immune Vegicaps 90VCaps


St. Francis Deep Immune - 90VCaps

$38.49 CAD

Used in Herbal Medicine: (1) to help maintain a healthy immune system; (2) as a tonic to help relieve general debility.

Deep Immune® helps the body optimize its own inherent immunity. It works in harmony with the body and can treat symptoms without depressing normal function. It’s a formula that corrects physiological imbalances and restores normal tissue function.

The herbs that make up the Deep Immune® have an affinity with the immune system; they can act as an immune tonic, which improves the vitality of the immune system; a stimulant, which boosts immune function; or a modulator, which helps to rebalance the immune system, strengthening weak or unresponsive function such as occurs with colds and flu and calming overaggressive function such as happens with allergic responses. Deep Immune® encompasses all of these immunological roles.

As Dr. Anthony Godfrey, one of Canada’s foremost naturopaths, puts it, Deep Immune® possesses “an amazing catalog of therapeutic actions.”

For “Deep Immune®” in liquid tincture form, see “Deep Immune®”. Also available as “Deep Immune® Kids”, a special liquid tincture version of this formula for children.

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