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St. Francis GoPro Matrix Vanilla 1000g


St. Francis GoPro Matrix Vanilla - 1000g

$109.99 CAD

The Premium Goat Milk Protein - Vanilla Flavour
Source of amino acids.

The original premium quality goat milk protein powder, a superior non isolate protein supplement
The only protein powder containing lacto-fermented protein, which aids digestion and absorption
Provides beneficial and naturally occurring enzymes and probiotics
Derived from the milk of pasture-raised goats, free from antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals
Well tolerated by most people, since goat’s milk most closely resembles human milk
A full-spectrum bioavailable protein source, including casein and whey
Provides a complete amino acid profile and is easily digestible, assimilated, and absorbable
Contains cystine, glycine, and glutamic acid, which together form glutathione, identified as one of the latest ‘super antioxidants’
Cystine, which is composed of two cysteines, is the most important anticatabolic amino acid

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