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St. Francis Mineral Matrix (Pure Dehydrated Goat Whey) 720g


St. Francis Mineral Matrix (Pure Dehydrated Goat Whey) - 720g

$62.49 CAD

Nutritional Powder Drink
Source of minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus) for the maintenance of good health.

Mineral Matrix® - Nature's Unique Whole Food Revitalizer

The ideal dietary supplement, our Mineral Matrix® pure dehydrated goat whey is an all-natural, highly concentrated whole-food source of more than 25 naturally occurring macro and trace minerals in a bio-organic form that our bodies recognize and utilize with ease.

Health Benefits of Mineral Matrix®

Alleviates osteoporosis
Relieves the pain associated with joint disorders, including rheumatism and arthritis
Treats stomach acidity, as well as sensitive digestion
Alleviates constipation
An excellent source of the minerals and trace elements vital to a child’s nutrition
A good supplement (in diluted form) to the diet of infants, one that is especially helpful in treating colic
A great means of supplying the much needed minerals and trace elements that are depleted through pregnancy or breast feeding in expectant or new mothers
Strengthens a deficient immune system
Helps in overcoming lethargy and fatigue
Facts about Mineral Matrix®

Mineral combinations found in whole foods like Mineral Matrix® are easily assimilated by the body.
The potassium and calcium content of Mineral Matrix® provides for an alkaline effect.
Mineral Matrix® is rich in important trace elements.
Low temperature processed.
Good things to know about Mineral Matrix®

The pure goat whey that is dehydrated to make Mineral Matrix® provides high concentrations of various minerals and is a pure food, free of chemical additives. The minerals in Mineral Matrix® occur in a highly complex form called a food matrix, which the body easily recognizes and absorbs. Mineral Matrix® goats are pasture-fed and free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and other additives.

Soy Free, Gluten Free, and Hypoallergenic.

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