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St. Francis Strest 50ml


St. Francis Strest - 50ml

$20.99 CAD

Used in Herbal Medicine for temporary relief of symptoms of stress, such as fatigue and sensation of weakness.

Strest® - A Powerful Adaptogen Cocktail

There is no formula on the market quite like St. Francis Herb Farm’s Strest®, which combines six of the most potent and significant herbal adaptogens in the world.

The word “adaptogen” was first coined by Russian scientists to describe an agent or remedy that acts as a metabolic regulator, helping the body cope with the many damaging physical and emotional stresses encountered in day-to-day living, especially in our modern age.

Factors like a daily commute, pollution, strenuous exercise, and poor diet can all exert a negative influence on immune and adrenal functions, not to mention our mental and emotional equilibrium. Easy to take and affordable, Strest® is a prime way of enabling the body to recover from the toll taken by all these worries and pressures.

Strest® nurtures the nervous system and offers a superb means of reducing anxiety and mental fatigue. At the same time, it improves sleep patterns and promotes a calm state of mind, even as it enhances mood stability.

For “Strest®” in capsule form, see “Strest® VegiCaps”.

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