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St. Francis Triphala 50ml


St. Francis Triphala - 50ml

$20.99 CAD

Used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as an intestinal tonic to promote digestive power and as a rasayana (a whole system tonic) for rejuvenation, recuperation and vitality.

Triphala - The 1500-year-old Laxative that's still great and effective today

Triphala is a centuries-old formula from the Ayurvedic medical tradition of India, where it is used as a vital aid in the treatment of almost all diseases. Remarkably, its amla ingredient has 20x the vitamin C content of oranges.

Naturopathic doctors agree with Ayurvedic doctors in believing that good health starts in the gut. Triphala is key to helping re-establish the proper functioning of this essential system. This superb herbal combination restores normal tone to the intestines, whatever the case may be - whether poor digestion or chronic constipation or diarrhea. Although they have laxative properties, the herbs in Triphala are only purgative in high doses. In optimal therapeutic doses, however, they help to restore normal function to sluggish bowels and the entire digestive tract. The result from its continued use is stools that are well-formed and complete.

Triphala makes the perfect combination with BulkLax®, St. Francis Herb Farm®'s Organic Psyllium Husk and Seed Blend. In fact, Triphala can be added right to the BulkLax®.

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